Sydney Head is a client who is on fire. She is on top of her game in every sense of the word. Taking the bull by the horns is scary for any business owner at first but after just about a year on facebook, Sydney is cleaning up on likes. See how she does it.

To get more sales, you've got to get more engaged

Like many 20 and 30 somethings, Sydney is active on social media, however, she had never run a business page on facebook until a year or so ago. Simply ‘having’ a business page on facebook is not enough. You've got to USE it and post to it at least weekly if not daily.

Post a lot? Or hardly at all...

Ultimately you will have to decide if you want to post a lot or not much at all. Here is the upside to posting a lot

Most every business owner knows this. But knowing and doing are two differnt things. I would invite you to look at Sydney's business page on facebook to see a perfect example of someone who 'gets it'.

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