Mark W. Mumma of WebGuy Communications has been creating logos his entire life. Over the last 30 years he's created thousands of them. Each with a purpose. Each with a message. YOUR BRAND is everything. It should be recognizable, simple yet elegant. Your logo says about you what no words or even imagery can. It can install confidence, know how, expertise, wholesomeness, and a wide range of other emotions. Because your logo can potentially be a powerful element of your branding arsenal, it makes sense to get it perfect.

Perfect Logos

The perfect logo requires some specific elements. Text and graphic must complement each other and look like they naturally fit together.

The graphic part of the logo must be able to stand on its own. In the age of social media all logos must be icons in order to remain identifiable when shrunk down to the size of an icon.

Your LOGO is your BRAND

Powerful brands are easy to spot. They have a distinctive look and feel that — while difficult to describe — is unmistakable when seen.

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