As manifestos go, mine's pretty small. Maybe one of the smallest running world wide.


Serve your customer. Cut dead weight. Constantly refine your image. Be flexible. Adapt to emerging markets and never merely compete — dominate your market. @WebGuy can show you how.

That's it.

Let's Build Your Brand

Think what you could do if you had a $150K per year Director of Advertising on your staff. If that is out of your budget, you're in luck. WebGuy can produce the same result for your business for pennies on the dollar.

Article from Forbes on Branding and why it is important.

Might be time for a facelift

Some of my best success stories involved building (or rebuilding) a company brand from the ground up. Older businesses needing a facelift or a new lease on life come to WebGuy and, if they're truly ready for a life changing event, launch or relaunch their businesses with confidence knowing that offering a bleeding edge, pleasant experience for their clientele always pays off

Your brand should instill confidence

First impressions should never be wasted. What does your current brand say about you? Is your prospective customer getting the right impression?

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  • Free Offline Presentation Evaluation

WebGuy would be delighted to offer you these free evaluations and provide you with a plan to move your business forward into the brave new world.

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