Actually, more like Moving Month.

WebGuy hosting customers deserve nothing short of perfection. Perfect uptime, perfect backup and loss prevention. Perfect everything. WebGuy stopped using its own physical, in-house servers due to too many cyber attacks. We 're-sell' virtual and private servers from an upstream provider. Up until now, that provider has been Via Verio.

Until recently, was at one time, either the largest or second largest hosting company on planet Earth. They had immpeccable customer support and were always on the forefront of the latest technology. Sadly, those days are long gone.

The time has come to pack our bags and leave our upstream web hosting provider. After more than a decade, WebGuy Communications is pulling up roots and moving all hosted web sites over the next few weeks.

Why the Move?

Have you ever found a vendor that was just so on top of things and so innovative that you just couldn't imagine using anyone else? We found that perfect vendor in Via Verio back in 2004. The telephone tech support was great. Our wholesale pricing was great. The servers I resold were fast and up to date. Fast forward to 2015 and the scenery is much, much different. Tech support has been outsourced to The Phillipines. Trouble tickets may or may not get answered in a timely fashion and if you want up to date and secure web server software — Via Verio is not interested at all in ALLOWING you, let alone helping you upgrade.

Life is too short to not have the best

WebGuy customers sell stuff online. Nowadays you must pass PCI compliance if you want to sell online. With outdated web server software and multiple vulnerabilities that simply won't be fixed, there is little choice but to move on.

The Silver Lining

The end result is a new partnership with a new US based provider that so far has proven to be five times faster and all running on SSD (solid state drive) hardware Decreasing page serving time, database queries and delivery of images and videos much, much quicker. WebGuy Cloud is something very special. WebGuy apologizes for any minimal downtime you may experience during the transition. You can stay updated on your site's progress by watching the list below. Please refresh this page to see the latest status.

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