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The old adage, "You Get what you Pay For" couldn't be more true when it comes to the topic of Domain Registration

I used to hear this a lot, but I must admit, it has been about 5 years since I have been faced with this objection.

"$27.50 per year per domain sounds really high. I can currently renew all the other domains I own through my GoDaddy account for $16.99 per year."

(from a recent customer email)

We're assuming Private Registration is included for this price. It is something GoDaddy charges a premium for and they are all too eager to sell you this feature and a bunch of other stuff you may or may not need. There are tons of 'extras'.

UPDATE! Spoke with GoDaddy by telephone on January 26, 2016. >The $16 price DOES NOT include private registration OR auto-renew protection. If you want private registration it is $9.99 (on "sale" for $7.99) and if you want your domain protected from accidental expiration, an astounding $14.99 additional. And $14.99 is the SALE price. So, to recap. WebGuy is $27.50 including privacy and autorewnew. To get the same with GoDaddy you're looking at $16.99 + $7.99 + $14.99 = $39.97. That's $12.47 MORE than WebGuy.

Don't get me wrong. Private Domain Registration is a fantastic idea. It truly is. We include Private Registrations for all our customers for good reason. And we don't charge extra. It comes standard with every registration.

Private Registration

The advantages of private registration is that your private email, phone, name and address are not included in the domain name "whois" database that any scammer or criminal can look up online for free. Anyone can see who owns a domain name. A private registration keeps your info private.

1. Your private info is kept private
2. You remain the owner of your domain
3. You retain all the rights and benefits of domain ownership

At $16.99 a year, including private registration, the GoDaddy price seems very attractive. It is all very simple and very convenient until you try to leave. Big domain registrar companies like GoDaddy are generally more concerned about "customer retention" than making it easy for you to do anything. Domains by Proxy is no different. Getting a Private Registration "un-private" takes a little effort. For those that aren't all that tech savvy, it takes a monumental effort. Most people just give up and stay put. THAT is what GoDaddy is counting on. Like I said, customer retention.

WebGuy communication makes private registration easier with It works just like Domains by Proxy except we're happy to un-privatize your domain record if you ever want us to. All you have to do is ask and we'll set up a username and password for your registration so you can change your contact info to whatever you want. You can request a transfer authorization code, change the email addresses or anything else on file through our online portal. Plus if you ever have trouble reaching tech support. You've got our founder's cell phone number.

Backups, Backups, Backups

WebGuy takes backup seriously. And with good reason. Some of our clients were hacked in December. So seriously that we do it for you automatically. Your domain's configuration, its forwarding. Any files, images or documents associated with it are backed up nightly at midnight Central Time to two diffrent data centers. Since we run Solid State Drives exclusively, backups actually only take a minute or two. in fact, if you check out our Network Status page at midnight Central Time you can see the server status change to "Backup" as it happens. Better not blink. Backups rarely take more than two minutes or so.

GoDaddy allows you to make manually make backups of your database. In fact, they tell you its a good idea to do it. If you want to back up your site, you'll have to do that on your own using an FTP server. Nothing could be more time consuming and potentially confusing for the majority of web site owners.

Uber Redundancy

WebGuy uses Uber Redundancy on all of our domain, DNS and web hosting services. Name servers are sort of like directory assistance operators. In the good old days of telephone books and operator assistance, you could call 1411 and ask an operator for the telephone number for a business. She would look up the number for you and then you could complete your call and get what you need.

DNS servers do much the same thing when you type a domain name into your browser's address bar.

Whether you're surfing a web site or just sending out an email, your computer uses a DNS server to look up the domain name you're trying to access. The actual term for this is "DNS name resolution", because the DNS server resolves the domain name to the IP address. For example, when you enter "" in your browser, the resulting network connection involves resolving the domain name "" into an IP address, like, for WebGuy's Web servers.

We use SIX, they use TWO

Here's the major difference between GoDaddy domains and WebGuy domains. REDUNDANCY. Since the DNS name service is critical to the proper operation of your domain name, it makes sense that this service must be IRON-CLAD RELIABLE. If the DNS service that is tied to your domain fails or is unreachable, SO IS YOUR DOMAIN.

This is where GoDaddy and WebGuy are light years apart.

All GoDaddy domains are protected by TWO DNS servers. The idea being if one of them goes down, the other one will take up the slack. Here's the problem with that theory: What if they both go down?

For example. A typical domain registered through GoDaddy might have these two DNS servers (or nameservers)

NS19.DOMAINCONTROL.COM - - Location: Scottsdale, AZ USA
NS20.DOMAINCONTROL.COM - - Location: Scottsdale, AZ USA

WebGuy Communications uses SIX for three times the redundancy

NS1.WEBGUY.NET - - Location: Oklahoma City, OK USA
NS2.WEBGUY.NET - - Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
NS3.WEBGUY.NET - - Location: London, United Kingdom
NS4.WEBGUY.NET - - Location: Singapore, Singapore
NS5.WEBGUY.NET - - Location: New York, NY USA
NS6.WEBGUY.NET - - Location: San Francisco, CA USA

Internet Web Site Outages Happen.
To GoDaddy customers.

Its simple really. With GoDaddy, all your eggs are in one basket. Scottsdale, AZ.

What if the Scottsdale data center has an outage? It's happened before. It happened in 2012, as well as in 2015

Two major outages that took millions and millions of sites offline. What is the point of having nine data centers if all your domains are supported by DNS with only one of the nine?

You have to ask yourself: What is the chance that a single data center, like the one in Scottsdale, AZ might go offline?

WebGuy Communications only has six data centers, but we know how to use them. Each and every domain we host has SIX name servers which are strategically located all over the world. This is why we don't have the same system wide failures that GoDaddy customers have expeienced. And we never will.

The moral of the story

The moral of this story is simple. There's $10.50 difference between a WebGuy Communications private domain registration and a GoDaddy private registration. That's less than .03¢ per day to never have to worry about uptime and to never have to worry about getting the help you need when you need it.


In business since 1993 1997
Business Domain Price $27.50 $16.99
Private Registration YES YES
Daily Backups YES NO
Uber DNS Redundancy YES NO
Global Outages (last five years) NONE TWO
Owner's Cell phone number 405.253.0062 UNLISTED

WebGuy domain hosting is Iron Clad™.

With our multiple DNS servers, the fact that every domain is mirrored across at least two other data centers and supported by no less than six DNS servers in different parts of the globe, your domain name will never 'pull up nothing' like it can with GoDaddy. If our London data center goes offline, one of our other five data centers will become the new home of your domain AUTOMATICALLY. If one DNS server goes down due to a cut fiber optic cable or electrical failure, five others are ready to pick up the slack.

Its not that GoDaddy cannot do this, its simply that they don't even offer it as an option. With WebGuy, all this redundancy and dependability come standard. Is it really worth saving 0.03¢ a day to give up all this peace of mind?

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