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Private Registration

The advantages of private registration is that your private email, phone, name and address are not included in the domain name "whois" database that any scammer or criminal can look up online for free. Anyone can see who owns a domain name. A private registration keeps your info private.

1. Your private info is kept private
2. You remain the owner of your domain
3. You retain all the rights and benefits of domain ownership

At $16.99 a year, including private registration, the GoDaddy price seems very attractive. It is all very simple and very convenient until you try to leave. Big domain registrar companies like GoDaddy are generally more concerned about "customer retention" than making it easy for you to do anything. Domains by Proxy is no different. Getting a Private Registration "un-private" takes a little effort. For those that aren't all that tech savvy, it takes a monumental effort. Most people just give up and stay put. THAT is what GoDaddy is counting on. Like I said, customer retention.

WebGuy communication makes private registration easier with It works just like Domains by Proxy except we're happy to un-privatize your domain record if you ever want us to. All you have to do is ask and we'll set up a username and password for your registration so you can change your contact info to whatever you want. You can request a transfer authorization code, change the email addresses or anything else on file through our online portal. Plus if you ever have trouble reaching tech support. You've got our founder's cell phone number.

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