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The moral of the story

The moral of this story is simple. There's $10.50 difference between a WebGuy Communications private domain registration and a GoDaddy private registration. That's less than .03¢ per day to never have to worry about uptime and to never have to worry about getting the help you need when you need it.


In business since 1993 1997
Business Domain Price $27.50 $16.99
Private Registration YES YES
Daily Backups YES NO
Uber DNS Redundancy YES NO
Global Outages (last five years) NONE TWO
Owner's Cell phone number 405.253.0062 UNLISTED

WebGuy domain hosting is Iron Clad™.

With our multiple DNS servers, the fact that every domain is mirrored across at least two other data centers and supported by no less than six DNS servers in different parts of the globe, your domain name will never 'pull up nothing' like it can with GoDaddy. If our London data center goes offline, one of our other five data centers will become the new home of your domain AUTOMATICALLY. If one DNS server goes down due to a cut fiber optic cable or electrical failure, five others are ready to pick up the slack.

Its not that GoDaddy cannot do this, its simply that they don't even offer it as an option. With WebGuy, all this redundancy and dependability come standard. Is it really worth saving 0.03¢ a day to give up all this peace of mind?

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